Wallcharts - ICAO Charts 2021

Pre-orders of our VFR Aeronautical Charts – ICAO Charts 2021 with AMDT 22 April 2021 are now possible.

Your order will be delivered as soon as the VFR charts are available. In order to ensure a smooth processing of your order, we kindly ask you not to place your pre-order in the same order with available products from our range.
Thank you for your understanding!


Our 2021 VFR charts will have an AMDT of April 22, 2021.
We have decided that only a part of our VFR aeronautical charts will be reprinted this year. Where no substantial changes in the airspace structure have taken place, it does not seemecological for us to have the charts printed with a new edition, as the 2020 editions continue to be current and  suitable.

The following VFR charts will be printed with edition 2021:
Austria 500k, Austria Set 200k, Austria VFR Trip Kit 200k, Germany North and Sout, Norway, Sweden, Bulgaria, Croatia & BIH, Slovakia, Czechia, Balkans, Greece, Portugal, Spain North East, Slovenia 200k, Slovenia VFR Trip Kit 200k


All our Rogers Data VFR charts – ICAO charts 2021 will be available for download digitally via the respective apps of our digital cooperation partners.

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